What We Do

We provide recruiting solutions to companies, either on a contingent or retained basis, primarily for front office positions within IBD, PE, HFs and Commercial banking.

From the summer of 2018, Next Step has started a Professional Services Team, primarily focused on FP&A roles outside of the finance industry. As of November 2018, there are four people on the team.  The team has combined about 20 years of recruiting experience.

Our scope of expertise includes Lead Generations, Market Research and Mapping. We guarantee a quick turnaround time and our services are done discreetly and accurately, with a focus on strict-confidentiality and high professional standards.

Increased access to top flight candidates leads to better quality of hires whose value is quickly realized in the form of increased company performance and productivity.

At Next Step Accountancy & Finance we specialise in finding the right finance and accounting opportunities for you. 

We work with many companies, ranging from small to large, across a wide array of industries, introducing job seekers to the right job opportunities. 

Next Step has a wealth of experience and industry contacts to help you find rewarding accounting and finance jobs across a range of functions. 

We aim to provide you with the most suitable and exciting opportunities.

Type of Clients
  • Private Equity

  • Hedge Fund

  • Venture Capital

  • Investment Bank

  • Commercial Bank

  • Big 4

  • Non-Finance companies - Various industries

Type of Roles

     Finance Industry

  • Front Office: Banker (PE, Investment, Commercial, Transaction), M&A, Fund Manager, Sales, etc.

  • Middle Office: Client Services, Operations, Risk Management, etc.


      Professional Services Area

  • Junior Accounting roles to Finance Director/CFO. All areas of FP&A.

  • HR : In particular internal recruiting roles.

Executive Coaching

Through a partner company, Next Step is happy to offer services beyond traditional recruiting for both clients and candidates that are interested in executive coaching.

Executive Coaching is a journey in self-discovery and awareness designed to create results at both the professional and personal level. Programs focus on generating value for the client by unlocking potential that has not been realized. Designing and accomplishing goals is also a part of the process. The coach is firmly there to advise and support clients on their path to growth while they reach higher and progress. As a commitment of time and resources, the aim is to see a real return on relationship between the coach and client. All coaches are seasoned experts at helping executives and business owners attain high growth at the commercial and individual levels.  



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